Ryan Draughn

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We met so many incredible people in Louisiana. We want to introduce you to one family in particular – The Draughns. Mary and Ben, along with their three children, Nichole, Ryan, and Michael have a long history of service in the United States Marine Corps. Living just north of New Orleans, The Draughns graciously opened their home to us and we had the opportunity to stay with them and learn more about their family. And we got to meet Ryan.

Ryan returned home from service in 2008 after three years overseas, and after sustaining multiple traumatic brain injuries as well as injuries to his back and hips. We had a chance to show Ryan our trikes. He seemed to really like them! He told us he hasn’t been able to exercise like he used to before he was injured and he imagined a trike like this could help him regain strength.

We set out on this tour with 2 trikes secured to the back of our RV. They were meant for riding, demonstrating, advertising as we made our way across the country. But after meeting Ryan, we knew that one of them was meant for him. So we unloaded a trike, adjusted it to fit Ryan and it was his.

We gave Ryan a trike because this is what this Tour is all about. If riding it gives him even the smallest sense of new-found freedom, strength, hope, happiness…then the mission of C.A.M.P. is alive and well. Thank you to Ryan and the Draughn family for all your hospitality and support. We hope to see you again next time we’re in Louisiana. Semper fi!