The Generosity of Strangers

A Tour of America l

We have encountered heartfelt generosity from so many people as we make our way across the country. We are truly humbled by the kindness, generosity and warmth that has been shown to us as we spread the mission of C.A.M.P.  And we know there is more to come!

We’ve received donations from our waiter at Bubba Gump Shrimp, Co. in Charleston, SC

Bubba Gump

And the kind folks at The Crab Shack, Salter Path, NC


A woman selling psalm roses on the street gave us a cash donation


This street musician donated copies of his CD for our long hours on the road


Campbell Boyd of Boyd Nursery Company showed us how to target shoot


After meeting at Rebar in downtown Nashville, the folks at Buddy Lee Attractions talent agency invited us into their office and gave us a very generous donation


Thank you to BLA and everyone who has supported us on our mission!