Zeke Crozier with wife LacyWhen we think of soldiers serving in combat zones, we tend to think that the lucky ones return alive, and those less fortunate lose their lives. We tend to forget about those who suffer traumatic and debilitating  injuries. In World Wars I and II, for every soldier killed in combat, less than two survived injuries. In our modern conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, about 6700 soldiers have lost their lives, but more than 50,000 have suffered serious injuries.*

Meet Zeke. He is 29 years old. His boys are young, ages 3, 5, and 9, and they want their dad to get outside and run, ride bikes, and play with them, as young dads do. To them, as to all, young boys, their dad is a hero. To the rest of the world, Zeke is a hero too. In 2011, he was deployed to Afghanistan as a flight engineer. Just 41 days later, his Chinook helicopter crashed. His friends lost their lives. Zeke suffered a severe brain injury. Doctors thought he might never wake up, let alone walk and talk. But, exemplifying the endurance and fortitude of a true hero, Zeke battled back from his injuries. Two years later, he can walk and talk, but still struggles to keep up with his kids. He still suffers from poor motor skills and numbness. He says, “I experienced the recumbent trike recently at my Warrior Transition Unit, and it worked great for me. The issue, as always, is that I cannot afford this piece of equipment. Is there any assistance available out there?”

With your support, C.A.M.P. can give Zeke and his family a priceless gift. This hero can continue his rehabilitation, and live the healthy, active lifestyle that every young father should enjoy. His children can get the gift of a dad who battled back from severe injuries to ride bikes with them again. What better gift to give than equipment that enables recovering veterans to participate in life as fully as they would without their injuries?

                Zeke Crozier with wife Lacy


Zeke’s story: C.A.M.P. charity grants injured Overland Park war hero’s one wish.

Posted July 3, 2013 on KCTV 5, Kansas City.


Zeke video


More About Zeke from KCTV in Kansas City

“Kansas soldier credits prayers with miraculous recovery….”


From the Kansas City Star, July 2, 2013

“Due to his injury Zeke has had a hard time keeping up with his three very active boys. “This trike is therapy for my body as well as my mind. Now I can get out and do what dads do”.


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* stats from The Wounded Warrior Project